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Hostel in Santiago, close to everything!

Santiago is a very big city and to enjoy it you need a good location.Hostal de la Barra is in the best location in Santiago, close to everything!

In the heart of the neighborhood Lastarria Bellas Artes and one block from the Forest Park, our environment is full of life and history.Theaters, restaurants and cafes, art galleries, antique bookstores, historic buildings, museums and monuments, civic center and major universities are all within 10 minutes walking distance.At the foot of Cerro Santa Lucia, where the city was founded in 1541 and steps from the Bellas Artes Museum, the city's main art museum, our small boutique hotel offers the most privileged location to enjoy Santiago in a comfortable and safe.

Main attractions:

  • Sky Costanera

Sky Costanera

The best view of Santiago. Santiago from the sky.

Subway: 19 min

Taxi: 10 min

Walking: 50 min

  • Costanera Center

Costanera Center

The largest shopping mall in South America, with all brands in one place:

Subway: 19 min

Taxi: 10 min

Walking: 50 min

  • Virgen Cerro San Cristóbal

Cerro San Cristóbal

From the summit of Cerro San Cristóbal (880 masl) you get the best view of the city. You can tour the zoo, the botanical garden and climb to its summit in the cable car or funicular.

17 min walking

  • chascona

The Chascona House Museum (home of Pablo Neruda)

Has an audio-guide system. This new system, included in the admission fee, is available in English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Spanish.

Your visit to the Museums Houses of the Pablo Neruda Foundation does not require prior reservation. The income is made on a first come, first served basis and is subject to availability of quotas per day.

17 minutes walking

  • patio bellavista

Patio Bellavista

Patio Bellavista is an urban panorama; A meeting place with its own identity, where gastronomic, cultural and tourist activities converge. It is the gateway to Barrio Bellavista. It is located in a prominent tourist and bohemian district, which has a great design that watches over conservation and patrimonial rescue.

12 min walking

  • cerro santa lucía

Cerro Santa Lucía

Place of the foundation of Santiago The Cerro Santa Lucía is one of the public parks most visited by national and foreign tourists, being one of the most recognizable icons of the capital and the country.

It is a silent witness of the development that has had the city of Santiago since the arrival of the Spanish conquerors to the Valley of the Mapocho, 13 of December of 1540.

Called Huelén by the natives of the area, it was in their skirts where the conqueror Pedro de Valdivia established his camp before founding Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura.

1 min walking

  • Pre-Colombian-Arts-Museum

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

The Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art has the mission to inspire and delight people through pre-Columbian art, connecting them with the indigenous roots of Chile and America, preserving, researching and spreading heritage.Values ​​such as the promotion of cultural diversity, the promotion of artistic expression inspired by the American aboriginal world and the presentation of original cultures as examples of an intelligent attitude towards their environment have been the essence of the Pre-Columbian Museum in its more than Three decades of life.The museum occupies the former Palace of the Royal Customs since December 10, 1981, in an alliance between the Family Foundation Larraín Echenique and the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago.It was founded by the philanthropist and outstanding Chilean architect Sergio Larraín García-Moreno.

10 min walking

  • Catedral_de_Santiago.tif

Santiago's cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago is the seat of the Archdiocese of Santiago de Chile and main temple of the Catholic Church in the country.As Iglesia Catedral is the permanent seat of the archbishop of Santiago.It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.
It is located in the commune of Santiago, in front of the Plaza de Armas.The architectural ensemble of the cathedral is made up of the archbishop's palace, the parish church and the temple itself.All these buildings are considered national monuments.
Many temples preceded the one that exists today, the present being the fifth raised in the place.

8 min walking

  • La moneda

La Moneda

El Palacio de La Moneda, comúnmente conocido como La Moneda, es la sede del presidente de la República de Chile. También alberga el Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública, la Secretaría General de la Presidencia, la Secretaría General de Gobierno y el Ministerio del Desarrollo Social.
Se ubica en la comuna de Santiago, entre las calles Moneda (norte), Morandé (este), la Alameda del Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins (sur) y Teatinos (oeste). Al norte se ubica la Plaza de la Constitución y al sur, la Plaza de la Ciudadanía.
Además, el presidente de Chile cuenta con el Palacio Presidencial de Cerro Castillo, en la ciudad de Viña del Mar, como lugar de descanso. También se conoce como tercera casa presidencial una mansión de la comuna de Machalí, en la Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, cuyo nombre es La Casa 100.

11 min caminando

  • parque forestal

Forest park

The Forest Park is a traditional urban sector of the commune and city of Santiago in Chile.It is located in the northern sector of the historic center and the Barrio Lastarria.Here important cultural and recreational activities are carried out, being one of the main reference points of the capital.At its midpoint is the National Museum of Fine Arts and a seat of the Museum of Contemporary Art.
It has 171 910 square meters lined between the streets Cardenal Jose Maria Caro (Costanera Sur) to the north, Vicuña Mackenna to the east, Merced - Ismael Valdés Vergara to the south and General Mackenna to the west.It integrates the network of parks on the south bank of the Mapocho River, bordering on the north with the Mapocho Cyclopark 42K, to the east with the Balmaceda Park and to the west with the Park of Los Reyes.

1 min walking

  • Santiago Urbano

Barrio Lastarria

Barrio Lastarria is the ideal place for tourists and those who want to visit a historical and patrimonial place in Santiago Centro: with a varied offer of gastronomy, cultural activities, design, lodging, and tourism, make this neighborhood an ideal place to stay for Visitors passing that want to stay in the center of Santiago, with the tranquility of a residential neighborhood, but in turn, bohemian and entertaining ...

0 min walking, we are here

  • biblioteca nacional

National Library

The National Library of Chile, main bibliographical center of the country, was founded on August 19, 1813 and has its headquarters in the city of Santiago. It is located in the Alameda no. 651, and it is adjacent to the exit "A" of the station Santa Lucia Metro Santiago.

10 min walking

  • Mercado central

Central Market

The Central Market of Santiago is located within the commune of Santiago, in the historic center of the Chilean capital, between Ismael Valdés Vergara, May 21, San Pablo and Puente Streets.1 The building began to be built in 1869 and was inaugurated on August 23, 1872, 144 years ago.
It was declared a Historical Monument on June 15, 19841 2 and is part of the "Santiago Patrimonial" circuit of the "Capital Route".3 In June 2012, National Geographic magazine highlighted Santiago's Central Market as the fifth best in the world.

8 min walking

  • museo de la memoria

Museum of Memory

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights is a Chilean museum, located in the commune of Santiago, Santiago, Chile, dedicated to commemorate the victims of human rights violations during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).It is located on 501 avenue Matucana, in front of the metro station Quinta Normal, but the entrance for the visitors is by the Cathedral Street.
Inaugurated by President Michelle Bachelet on January 11, 2010, in the framework of the government works that celebrated the Bicentennial of Chile, the museum has three floors in which are exhibited diverse articles related to the subject, including government documents, newspapers And magazines, posters, letters and photographs.

11 min by subway

  • GAM

Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center - GAM

The Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, GAM Center or simply GAM, 1 is a complex located in Santiago de Chile composed of two buildings - more than 22,000 m² - with "ten rooms for shows, rehearsals, exhibitions and seminars; A library and a recording studio; As well as meeting and study rooms, cafeteria, restaurant and spacious outdoor patios »; These spaces "are available for shows, cultural or academic meetings, public use, and private or corporate activities.All of them have free Wi-Fi ».2 It was inaugurated as such in 2010.

5 min walking